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Re: C-13 Regen Problems

cat sent an engineer in  yesterday and by the close of the day had my truck doing automatic regens. they replaced the ecm and all the temps. came around and started doing burns on its own finally. i will be putting this truck back into service monday and cross my fingers the problem is solved. will post again if any new problems arise. 

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Re: C-13 Regen Problems

make sure the primary fuel filter is 10micron. this is what i have been told by cat that the primary filter has to be. primary filter is usually on the frame rail driver side and is the filter that gives the fuel to the dpf system.

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Re: C-13 Regen Problems

Hi all, 


Below are some items to consider for the DPF regen issues.  I see the comments here are varying, but in regards to the DPF this may help.  I hope things get better for you all!


Regen problems can be caused by a few things.  First thing I would do is find out who the DPF manufacturer is as truck makers can use more than one.  Not all DPFs are CAT and in fact most are NOT CAT BRANDED DPFs.  That being said few things to ask. 


1- Fuel sampling- Identify the sulfur content of your fuel supply.  This is a simple fuel sample that is imperative.  Catalysts in the DPF are very sensitive to sulfur the sulfur can actually cause regen issues on the DPF.

2- Is the filter plugged?  Has the exhaust backpressure rose to excess levels?  Has the DPF actually been cleaned/serviced? Not all DPF manufacturers have the same amount of hour/miles for service of the DPF.  Find out what yours is.

3- What is the actual regen temp needed for your DPF and what is the actual temperature your getting.  Very important.  There should be a temp probe somewhere in the system that should tell you the actual temperature.  Im guessing the CAT ET can tell you the exhaust temp and flow rates.  Both need to be reviewed against the DPF recommendations.

4- Make sure no unburnt fuel/diesel/oil is making it into the exhaust-  this will contaminate the DPF and cause regen issues.

5- How often is this truck left to idle?  I know idling is common, but most DPF are required and designed run under load to avoid soot build up.  


Those are a few basic items to consider.  See if your techs have checked these and if not make sure they do.  Again, DPFs are very sensitive and not all are quality products.  The emissions markets have many companies that have produced products that are not equal in quality.  Temperature ranges, DPF catalyst materials, service intervals, active v. passive systems, exhaust flow/temp monitoring are all very core to this business if one or all of these are missing then you can have some really bad headaches.




Nick C.

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Re: C-13 Regen Problems

i also have this problem on a new c-13 i got the end of June 2010. still working with dealer and cat with no success yet. the bad part is i bought two identical trucks and the other truck runs great. we are running between 6 and 7 mpg. my problem truck goes back monday for another week at the vet. will post again if they find the problem with mine. good luck


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Re: C-13 Regen Problems

Good to see I am not the only one have these problems---I have 5 -  C-13's in 2008 ProStar which I cannot keep running due to regen problems.  I currently have 1 in Cat shop in Abilene, TX for the past 5 weeks.  They have replaced the sensors, the ARD head, the DPF, the Air Charge Cooler, and are still scratching their head trying to figure out why it won't perform a regen.  Last word I had was that the repair bill is over $12,000.00!!!!!!!!

Navistar advertises Buy truck, make profit, repeat!  I got the buy truck and repeat part down but not real sure how to make a profit when I can't keep them on the road???   Wonder is there a Lemon Law that applies to our trucks?


Re: C-13 Regen Problems

give me serial number of the engine...any fault code?


Did you replace/check the sensor?

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C-13 Regen Problems

I have a C-13 in an 08 Pete that has never done a trip where it has regened as its supposed to. It has been to many Cat dealers with no success. Most codes now are all relating to low fuel pressure in the regen system. Fuel filters have been changed many times, Fuel filter base has been changed, pilot nozzle has been changed. Nothing has worked so far, any suggestions?  As soon as the engine light comes on and registers a code it won't regen, not even a manual. Shut the truck down for 30min and restart, it will usually start a regen. Let it finish and we drive for another 4 hours and then we start the same problem all over again.