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Thanks for the response Al!


I have a fairly good grasp on the A3 package but have not been into the A4 at all. we have 5 of them sitting on skids waiting for gas in the compressors so we can fire them up. I have been able to crawl around on them and check some of the new things out. Really looking forward to this class and see how CAT does their busness in Peoria.

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Re: CAT classes

The best preparation that you coud do is to study and be thoroughly familiar with the Systems Operation manual of the G3600 A3 and A4.  In addition, I would spend some time becoming familial with the Troubleshooting Guide of both engine models.  There are major differences in the controls systems of the two models of G3600.  Mechanically, there is not a lot of difference; NOx sensor, temperature regulators on the engine, new fuel module, two stage aftercooling.  Good luck and have fun.


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CAT classes

Hello everybody,


I am excited to say that I have been picked as one of our first techs to go to Peoria, IL and take the Advanced Gas Engine Controls class (formerly Adem III) in May.




Is there anything I can brush up on to prepare for this class? I have went through quite a bit of the DLC online and have taken the pre reqs for the class. I guess I might just be thinking ahead and need to just go and learn something. haha


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