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Re: 140h transmission failure

this has a power shift trans correct?if  it is no electrically you have a valve body pressure problem.of memeory serves me correctly there are tubes that flow through the body and these tubes well they dont fall out but they will leak.means they wont have enough pressure to kick the nuetral safety,and that has to be on the money

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Re: 140h transmission failure

 i've cheked the fuses and they are all ok.is there any wiring diagram that you could sent me?

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Re: 140h transmission failure

You need two things, need to hook ET to it and see what the fuatl codes are and hook a guage up and check the trans pressure, see if you have any. They are kind complex transmissions, could be clutch, input shaft, ECM, lots of things.  Also check the fuses and see if they are all good.

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140h transmission failure

hi i'm a mechanic for a construction company which one where there is snow they also clean the roads from the snow.today the 140h they have, presented a transmission problem,it suddenly stopped and the transmission light started to flash when the key was on.the grader operates normally but it doesn't enggage any gear.i didn't found the electrical problem.is there any tips to solve the problem?its a bit of emergensy because a hole village is blocked right know...thanks for your time, i hope that you will help me...