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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

I have a 2013 C-13 Tier 4 Final on a KPI track crusher.  Nothing but troubles with the DPF and regen system.   Lost DAYS of downtime due to this engine and CAT is struggling to come up with solutions.  

And to think we had the option of a Cummins.  


Have you heard of anyone removing the Tier 4 system?

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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

Hello Doug;


My name is Henry and I had the bad luck to buy a C-13 with a DPF.  It has been in the shop more than on the road.  I was wondering if you have any information on a law suit or a recall on this. 


Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

Hi there, My name is Doug Campbell and bought a 2011 pete with the 2008 acert C-15 from the dealer in Texas as well. I have also Spent about 20 grand on repairs relating to the DPF plus alot of downtime and towbills. Just wondering if you know who i could contact in regards to joining this lawsuit? If you could email, call, or text me anytime with any bit of information that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Doug.

Email - dougcampbell489@msn.com

Phone - 204-781-9970

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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

We have a 2009 Peterbilt with a C13 and it is constantly having Regeneration Problems. My drivers are scared to take this truck anywhere. Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit against CAT. We need to get rid of this truck before it bankrupts the company. It is a shame they have no long term fix for the DPF system/ARD problem. Just put a band aid on it and cross your fingers until the next breakdown with a towing bill and repair bill.

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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

I agree there should be a recall, at the very least a way for the owner to force regen from engine protect mode. having to tow the truck to the cat dealer every 4 months then wait two weeks for them to look at it, and all they do is force a regen and give it back, is ridicules. I am in heavy construction and I will never buy another cat machine of any kind unless they fix this problem in a meaningful way, and I have been telling anyone who will listen the same thing.

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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

Hello everyone,

is anyone aware of any recall on this issue, because $4500 service bulletin is very expensive.




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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

Morning, Although anyone with the Regen engines will know that they are a nightmare...we are only finding that the best results on the regens are the following things:

1.Replace the fittings on the ARD heads,replaced the Fuel Filters, including the in-line fuel filters this is only with the new ARD heads and the software updates.

2.Change the fuel filter intervals to 10,000 to 12,000 miles and the oil at 25,000 miles.

3.Also training drivers to do the Regen before turning into bed and also when they get up have the do another one this must be done to insure that the dpf is always cleaned.


We have 296 of the c-13 2007 Cat Regen engines and currently this is what we had to do to keep them on the road. we are currently in the process of doing a campaign on them to get them all done.


Thanks and have a great day.




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Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

I own a bunch of these in 2008 western stars. Ihave been contacted by a law firm in Texas about a class action lawsuit against cat. On these engines
Caterpillar Employee

Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

Heavy-duty '07 engines do not require nozzle cleaner.  All engines were updated to "heated" ARD heads.  They perform a heat cycle to clean the head rather than using nozzle cleaner. 


Re: C13 Regeneration Problems

To be quite honest I can't say, all our trucks are pre 2008 without after treatment systems.

But have a look at this link https://ohe.cat.com/cda/files/517855/7/CRS%20Head%20Cleaning.wmv?mode

go to ohe.com go to trucks and then on-highway video`s.

Also check out this link  http://www.westernbus.com/user_images/file/CAT%20Emissions.pdf

hope this helps.

In our country no after treatment device is required, so I am interested in how the system works, the links above I came across while surfing on the net.