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246C Skid Steer Fuel Issue, I Think...

Have a 2011 Cat 246C skid steer that is running rough at lower rpm and will not accelerate above about 1200 rpm, if the throttle is pushed past that point it boggs down and acts as if it ran out of fuel. What confuses me is that the machine will go up to 2500 rpm if the lift cylinders or the bucket cylinders are in motion, the wheel movement doesn't affect it, and as soon as the cylinders stop moving it studders and goes back to about 600 rpm and almost dies.


What I have done:

New primer pump, fuel/water separator filter, had the injection pump rebuilt and tested, replaced fuel lines, bled the lines going into the injectors, verified the fuel pressure from the tank to the injector pump was running between 5-7 psi.


The machine runs somewhat rough at idle and produces more smoke than normal until I bleed the injection lines, then it runs much smoother. Fuel is new clean fuel, as I said new filter. All lines are clear and supplying correct fuel pressure. What am I missing? Any ideas?