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D-6R, '97, 5LN temperature gauge issue

This dozers water and tranny temperature gauges will after machine reaches operating temperature, start to read hot...gauges will return to normal operating temperatures if heater-a/c control switch is turned to off position...gauge cluster has been replaced as well as heater switch...problem seemed to be solved with replacement heater switch but returned. machine has been checked for actual heating issues changing out sensors etc..machine does not run hot...problem has gotten worse in that gauges will read hot if heater or a/c is run....sometimes. reading hot if heater switch is in off position only reading normal for a short time after switch is repositioned before starting to read hot....any solutions?
Cat Dealer

Re: D-6R, '97, 5LN temperature gauge issue

never heard of such a thing happening. need to verify that the engine and tranny are not getting hot with a temp gun. also need to check for codes. sounds like there may be a short in the harness. under the floor plate there are a lot of corners and edges that can cause a short. check the harness and wiggle the harness with the key on engine off and see if the gauges move.


Re: D-6R, '97, 5LN temperature gauge issue

.thanks for the info...cat spent 2 days stalling tractor, couldn't duplicate problem, did however replace tranny sensors, instrument cluster, heater switch...nothing resolved issue. tractor runs normal temp...i will check wire loom...thanx again for the tip...Dave

Re: D-6R, '97, 5LN temperature gauge issue

I would locate the ground wire splice point at the cluster and try to hook up a known good ground connection, this sounds like a bad ground connection.