Re: G3520C generator bearing replacement

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The rotor of your generator mounts 2 ball bearings, one at each end, and the part number of each is 154-3032, a 130 x 280 mm ball bearing. You should lubricate it after 2000 hours or 12 months, with 51.2 gr. (1.8 oz) 154-0291 / 154-0292, the grease part number diference is about the catridge size.

Procedure: Remove the top grease pipe plug and the lower grease pipe plug if available. Big frame generators are equipped with rubber grease tubes to the side of the generator. Install the grease pipes if required. Add only the amount of grease mentioned abobe. Operate the generator set at rated speed for approximately 1 hour. When running the engine more than 30 minutes, the recommended engine load to apply is a minimum of 50%. The procedure will allow the grease to expand. The expanding grease will force the excess grease from the cavity. The internal pressure will be reduced as the excess grease is forced from the cavity. Operate the generator until no grease is forced out of the cavity from the lower port if available.Stop the generator set. Inspect the generator windings, grease tubes, and bearing housings. Wipe off any excess grease. If a grease pipe plug was removed, install the plug in the bottom grease pipe. Wipe off any excess grease.

Some generatos mounts a sacrifice sleeve that suports the outside of the bearing. this sleeve should be greased to keep the rotor freeplay.

You can find the complete instruction as REHS4892-06. 

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Re: G3520C generator bearing replacement

Hi everyone.
I need information on how to grease the generator bearings g3520c (gzn00750 and Part number generator bearings. Frame size is 828 generator.

G3520C generator bearing replacement

Hi everyone! I have issue with bearing replacement (p/n: 154-3032) on generator (arr/n: 276-0474). I need some step-by-step instructions in what order what to do. could smb help with it?