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caterpillar trouble shooting

what is possible cause for alarm code CID 94-FMI 11, anybody who can help?

Caterpillar Employee

Re: caterpillar trouble shooting



What generator set model do you have? 

Chad Dozier
Product & Application Consultant
Caterpillar Inc.

Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

CID 94 means about fuel delivery pressure sensor.

FMI 11 means failure mode not identifiable


Gld to meet you.


Cat Dealer

Re: caterpillar trouble shooting



Could you tell me where to find the list of CID and FMI in CAT system?



looking forward to your reply.

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Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

94 - 11 is No Fuel pressure you needs to check working of Gas shout off valve,Gas regulator,Raptor valve.


Hope you are not getting fault code 94 -12 it is even worse.

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Re: caterpillar trouble shooting



I do not know is your case. I had this code in an gen-set 3516 and the problem was an ECU error in the code that was bluffing the ECU with a false low fuel pressure  or fuel pump problema and shut off the engine...the solution was a flash file available in SIS caterpillar.



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Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

model 700 635kva diesel gen set have electronic injectors

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Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

  • I would appreciate, if one of you, can help me, to solve the problem, of OVER-HEAT, in our generator ( Caterpillar, 210KVA). It's model, is SR.4B.  Even in cold conditions, it does '' OVER-HEATING''. What could be wrong with it? Any one who knows, should help me, proffer solution. Thanks.

Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

check your jacket water py pass 


Re: caterpillar trouble shooting

Hello to all,


I have the same problem with two 3516B Generators

Fault Code: 94 E 11

I tried another ECM from from a diferent engine and it runs fine, base on you comment you got the flash file from SIS, I tried and could not find it, maybe I just don't know how to get it from SIS


Gen 1

Genset S/N: BPB15039

Engine S/N: 6HN01504


Gen 2

Genset S/N: BPB15040

Engine S/N: 6HN01406


If I have ET can I reflash the ECM myself? if so how do I get the flash file?


Thanks for all your support