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Re: G3520C Generator set

What is important for businesses and these NAOP are giving so much attention here in Brazil, is the factor of the economy that generates around 80% (eighty percent) of the amount they pay local distributors.

And still have the Grace (no monthly fee) fifteen (15) months saving on not paying a penny.

But my friend Uriah glad for your words and I'm sorry I can not help her this time.

Even so, when the U.S. will soon pass the phone # I'll call you for sure.


Paulo Brazil

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Re: G3520C Generator set

im working in a biogas plant
we produce ch4 from cow sllury
our ch4 level change very often..from49 to 58 in few days
depends on our pumping abilities,heat achieving,and sllury quality
our 3520 having a lot of problems...
our biogas contains over 2000ppm h2s which causes many deposits
the engine is now 21000 hr.
and we didnt make top end or overhaul...

Re: G3520C Generator set

Dear ,


I am the CEO of a Brazilian Company that around 21 ( Twenty -one) Business activities since the Civil Construction , TV , Phones , Press Office , Provision of General Services , Telecommunications, Internet , Energy , Water, Environment Agriculture and others.


Currently , we are the discoverers of the new source of electromagnetic energy , in fact we are the 1st Independent Power Producer electromagnetic self-sustaining , Continuous , Clean and 100 % Eco-Friendly in Brazil .


There are eleven (11 ) months in the Brazilian market as the presenting Our new Power Electromagnetic Energy self-sustaining , which can serve as major utilities in all sectors , even for companies that use other sources of energy proposals .


Our new source of Electromagnetic Energy in Very short-term self-sustaining through our future Turbos Groups of Generators Electromagnetic self-sustaining 60,000 ( sixty thousand ) KVAS , equivalent to 60 MW and thus can generate Very short-term in any part of the earth and the depths by the sea :
< > DAY - 60 X 24 = 1,440 MW / hour;
< > DAY - 60 X 30 = 43,200 MW / month;
< > DAY - 60 X 12 = 518,400 MW / year.
Totaling an ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY GENERATION self-sustaining by YEAR 518,400 (five hundred and eighteen thousand, four hundred ) MW per year.
To execute a new generation amount of our new energy source , we can install a set of one hundred (100 ) Generator Sets and Groups Turbos Electromagnetic Generator with self-sustaining power of 60,000 ( sixty thousand ) KVAS , equivalent in our power generation the energy output of sixty (60 ) MW .


Multiplying this one hundred (100 ) Groups Turbos Generator Electromagnetic self-sustaining 60,000 ( sixty thousand ) KVAS , we get a total of 6,000 ( six thousand ) MW .


With this power in MW and execute in Very Short , Short and Medium Term anywhere on the earth and the depths of the sea :
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< > DAY - 6.000 X 12 = 51.84 million MW / year.
We do have the technical and operational capacity to generate this energy power in MW and the power to provide energy to tens of Industries in very short , short and medium term , the consumption of energy per day , Month and Year It is worth clarifying that " DO NOT SELL OUR GROUPS OR GROUPS TURBOS GENERATORS GENERATORS ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY ELECTROMAGNETIC self-sustaining self-sustaining . "

We just generate a self-sustaining Electromagnetic Energy , through our Groups Turbo Generators and Generator Electromagnetic self-sustaining and provide in One Lending for each client that will pay only 80 % ( eighty percent ) corresponding to the value of the CURRENT ACCOUNT MONTHLY PAY POWER distributor LOCAL .


Considering the above facts , I hope colleagues in this community know that mastered the technology of Electromagnetic Energy self-sustaining , Continuous , Clean and 100 % Ecologically Correct, since the year 2010.


Imagine that your company needs thousands of MW per year , get a cost of 80 % ( eighty percent ) of the amount you pay today Distributors of Energy in their city . Calculate the value of this economy for 03 ( three) years and see if it pays off to pay us the One Lending .


Example : If a company consumes per month £ . 1,800,000.00 ( one million eight hundred thousand reais ) .

Let the calculations :


< > Value of Unified Lending ............................................ .................. : Rs. 43.200.00-0,00 ;
< > The Single Payment ........................................................................ Lending : 50 % ( ... ) upon signing the Agreement and the other 50 % ( ... ) the Delivery of Energy ;
< > Time Grace ......................................................... ............................ : fifteen (15 ) months ;
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Well , if there is interest for more information , send prnascimentoindltda@gmail.com ( converse in Portuguese ) - Skype - paulobrasil5454 .


If you know of any company that has this same Electromagnetic Energy can inform me .


Regards ,


Paulo Brazil
Chief Executive Officer
( converse in Portuguese )

Com Energia Eletromagnética Autossustentável sua empresa lucra mais, produz mais e tem dezenas de Benefícios em segurança, qualidade energética, segurança 100% contra incêndios e um adeus para a falta de Energia diuturnamente. Energia é a força que move sua empresa e o mundo.

Re: G3520C Generator set

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Hello David.

Can you give me some information about your methane system.
Do you have pictures of your pistons and liners to share.

Our 6 engines work at 1966 kW, 0.99 pf 50 Hz and 400 V, and we find a lot of issues at each engine top end overhaul



Re: G3520C Generator set

Hi Marcos,


I will get back to you in the next couple of days, I am having problems at my plant and it is keeping me really busy.


Talk soon and Happy New Year




Re: G3520C Generator set

Hello David.


I'm interesting in your way of set the ch4 level.

We have 6 g3520C lgs, and we use a landtec system for set the ch4 level by a 4..20 mA signal, we not convert the ch4 level in BTU or MJ, can you explain more your situation?, we are now confused because our dealer say that we need the ABB ch4 analyzer (in Argentina it´s too expensive about U$S 60.000,00) and if I understand ok you say that the signal of ch4 need it to be converted in btu (with the methane number program I assume) and the refresh rate not need to be continuosly or every second. In our power plant if we set level of ch4 under the real the FC it's under 100 and if we set a value over the real the FC it's over 100, in a normal situation our FC it's over 103 and under 115.

I wait anxious your answer.






Re: G3520C Generator set



We have 6 G3520C 50 hz 1966kW in a landfill in Argentina.
Our siloxane level between service and oil change (every 1000 hs), is about 80 or 90 ppm, and we are making TopEnd service about 8k or 9k hours because the detonation level don't leave use the engines at 100% of load.
We use a siloxane removal system supplied by PPTek UK.

Did you has some kind of valve failures? or problems with another thing






Re: G3520C Generator set

Fuel Correction Factor is telling you how accurate your CH4 or BTU value is. At my plant we have a gas analyzer that takes a sample every 15mins and updates the CH4 value in the generator's PLC, from that they calculate the BTU value and send that to the engine ECM. To calculate CH4 to BTU just multiply by 9, 55%CH4 = 495BTU.


I use the Fuel Correction Factor to tellme when I need to calibrate the gas analyzer. If it stays low for a day or so it is time to calibrate and most of the time the gas analyzer is out of calibration.


If the fuel Correction Factor is below 100% then you CH4/BTU content is greater then the reading it is reciving, if it is higher than 100% then it is less than the reading.


Let me know if you have any other questions






Re: G3520C Generator set

could any one explain to me waht is the "feul correction" factor?
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Re: G3520C Generator set

Sorry, that ends up being an answer that start with "that depends". The correlation between the amount of siloxanes in the fuel gas stream and the actual deposit formation on cylinder and other hot surfaces is not always clear cut. I have dealt with a number of sites where the siloxane levels were well above the CAT (and some other manufacturers) guidelines and found the actual deposit levels manageable. Have been on other sites with "acceptable" siloxane levels and severe deposit problems.


Some of the things I have found are,


Other fuel gas contaminents, such as organic compunds, sludge, tar, acids, CFC's and salts.

Moisture level of the gas, sometimes a "wet" fuel stream with a good water reduction system also seems to wash a bunch of problems out of the fuel stream.

Engine operating temperatures, sometimes varying the coolant, or lube oil temp or both a few degress appears to have an impact on deposit formation.

Lube oil additive packages, levels of sulphated ash can contribute to the deposits.

Engine load factor, affects both lube oil control and cylinder temperature, under and over loading can affect deposit rates.


The published guidelines are just that, a guideline based on a value and a given set of assumptions. Running engines on biogas requires active involvement by the operator and the ability to be flexible to change as needed based on how the engine reacts to the fuel gas stream.


Your best infor,ation will likely come from operators of mulitple sites. Along with what the siloxane levels are you need to get a better idea of some of the other contributors mentioned, at least in my experience.


Regards, Mike L.