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Re: 3512B-DI-SWAC Main Propulsion Fault codes

All those faults suggest a failing engine ECM. 030-819 F02 is a data link fault to the electronic display. 033-254 F12 is an ECM fault and the other is an injector fault. Injector faults often happen when the ECM is failing. Your engine has a back-up ECM so you should not be dead in the water but you should get this problem repaired by your local Cat dealer ASAP.
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3512B-DI-SWAC Main Propulsion Fault codes

Hi all,


Was hoping someone could help me identify some fault codes on our CAT 3512B main propulsion engine. The Engine model # is 3512B-DI-SWAC and Serial # is 7HM00164. The Engines are a bit older and the codes displayed on the EDM are:-


030 819 F02

033 254 F12 SERV CODE

033 007 F05 SERV CODE 


Thanks in advance!