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Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

if you open CBT from ET or go to SIS can you find all you need, way excel to make calculation, second try sigle cut os test, and  read detail and if the different  is not more 20-28%, betwen injectors of same group, all is OK, depend also engine hours runnig and condition, all sensor are calibrate good,, ciao regards Claudio


Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

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Please can some one send me excel sheet that calculate injector ok or not ok.

Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

normaly is not ok wen you have more 20% differnt fron single group injectors, can atthach the Et page test result here, ciao



Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results


cut out test result Not OK means this complete cylinder pack is weak campare to other grp cylinders. so u need to check valve lash and injector setting.

NOTE    in cut out test ET check complete cylinder, not only injector.

if u can not solve the problem thenchange the injectors and perform 1 cylinder cut out test and measure average value for exmple

1       1234

2       1233

3       1245

4       1250

                               here 2 is weak as compare to 3 and 4   so   in multiple cut out test it will come NOT OK. but it is ok


Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

normaly the result is automatic, or push details button after cutoff test, to transfer or copy  need, use action, print to file button


Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

i can upload to u an excel sheet that can calculate if the injector ok or not ok

Re: Cylinder Cut-out test results

read to the service manual all about cut off test, the numerb on injector need to the ECM for better sincronization about fuel delivery, ok or not ok is internal calculation about fuel delivery, the different not more 18% by sigle injector inside cilinder group, remenber read all from manual or Sis, about cut off test, late is more semple to understand, hope is help and sorry for mi englice (I am Italian)

Cylinder Cut-out test results

We have 4x 3516B engines on our ship and have just changed a fuel injector as it was not working.


Viewing the results of the 12-cylinder cut out test, the measured injector duration is barely any different from the "Not OK" old injector to the "OK" new injector.


Our question is this:  What do the numbers generated by the test mean, and what is the significance of the injector code?


Kind Regards,

Seajacks Kraken