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Since the launch of SpecSizer in 2006, we have met with thousands of consultants around the world to make it the most convenient, useful software tool for genset sizing.  As Internet connectivity and mobile computing platforms have grown in popularity, it became clear that we needed to convert SpecSizer into an online application. With many new enhancements and useful modifications, the web-based version of SpecSizer provides new functionality that every user can undoubtedly utilize and appreciate.


So what’s different?

First, you will no longer be subjected to a lengthy download or time-consuming software update. Any product or technical data updates can automatically be applied to the tool daily.


With your initial login to SpecSizer, you may also notice a somewhat different interface, but the process you follow to advance through the tool is the same. New functionality to accommodate a web interface was designed to increase usability and organization of folders and projects. Up to four side-by-side generator set comparisons are now available, allowing you to review dozens of genset, engine and alternator technical specifications.  An “Expansion Capacity %” feature allows for planned site growth up to 30% within a system’s configuration.  Also, SpecSizer’s program logic considers a ratio of the user-defined motor vs. non-motor and linear vs. nonlinear loads.


An “Optimizer” feature now notifies users if a genset with a lower power rating is available for specified site conditions and electrical loads. This feature was provided to keep the cost/kW of the recommended genset as low as possible for our valued customers.  No other sizing application is known to offer a feature that maximizes value for the customer like SpecSizer’s “Optimizer.”

With this transition online, SpecSizer is even fully functional on iPad® and other tablet devices, providing engineering consultants genset sizing capability anywhere. And the application will also be accessible from mobile platforms.


What about your privacy?

Maintaining your privacy is a top priority for us, and we protect your data under Caterpillar’s Information Protection Guidelines. All SpecSizer users will receive a secure ID and password to safeguard their information. You have full control over which fellow SpecSizer users can view your shared work, and which files they are allowed to see.

To adapt their tools for all the ways users need them, more and more businesses are transitioning their software and resources to online applications. That’s exactly what we have done with SpecSizer.  As you utilize our free generator set sizing software, you are assured of our continued support, and we welcome your feedback so we can continue to make improvements. Please send any questions or comments to our technical resource personnel at specsizersupport@cat.com.


We’re curious to hear what you think:

-  What features and options of genset sizing software are most useful to you today?

-  Are there any features/options you would like to see in a genset sizing tool that you don’t currently see in SpecSizer?

-  What are the largest roadblocks or frustrations you experience in using genset sizing software?

-  Where in the world are you using SpecSizer?

-  What other engineering tools do you use online?

-  What is your primary role at your company as it relates to generator set sizing?

by Tony Sheils
on ‎07-24-2014 09:42 PM



We currently have a C100D5 generator as our backup supply for a Sewerage Plant.

Year of Manufacture is 2008

Rated power KW Prime 751 and standby 833

Rated power KVA Prime 939 and standby 1041

Rated Current (0.8PF) Prime 1306 and standby 1449

The plant has been upgrade in the last 3 years. Nearly all the motors run on VSDs. Because of the VSDs our PF is between 0.96 to 0.99.

My question is can we draw more current than 1,449Amps with a power factor of 0.96 to 0.99?



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