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Urban Microgrid: Fact or Fiction?

by Visitor Siggy62 on ‎10-02-2017 12:41 PM

"Microgrid" as a term has been around for decades. Its popularity seems to ebb and flow with how local generation costs compare with central utility costs energy costs; which only tells me there is something viable to the concept that just needs to be refined.


Microgrid 101

by Regular Contributor on ‎10-03-2016 09:00 AM

Microgrids are a current hot topic in the power generation industry.   It feels like you cannot go more than a couple of days without seeing another article on microgrids.  And no wonder – a recent Greentech Media report states that the US installed microgrid capacity is expected to grow 115% and reach 4.3GW over the next five years.   Outside of the US there is a lot of talk around rural electrification in developing regions – bringing power to remote communities with combinations of clean solar and energy storage to power villages that currently have no power.


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