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Re: 1972 cat 3160 55 foot GB alaskan

Hi Tom


I have 3160's in a 73 Pacemaker acmy and amd having the same problem.  Have you found anything yet?  When mine shuts down the racor finter is empty which seems like it would be a restriction or leak in the supply line.  I've checked for both and the line holds vacuum and the the pickup tube in the tank is clear.  The only thing I noticed is the transfer pump on top of the engine is leaking when I fill the racor and pump fuel with the bleed pump.  I've tried to find a new one with no luck and was thinking of installing a low pressure electric fuel pump.  Is that what someones done on your boat?

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1972 cat 3160 55 foot GB alaskan

I have had a 1972 GB Alaskan for 5 years trouble free, dependable with nothing ever happened.

in the past 3 months its been one thing after another.

I came to an end of it and had it repaired, understood and appointments to end.


I was celebrating with myself lat evening to do so I was working on my computer , started my cats up to enjoy the purrr

working on the computer watching boats go past 15 mins after I started, the dang strbd engine quit, it sounded like it ran out of fuel,

NEVER! have i had this let me down, ever!

I went to dash to check temps and all was normal,

I tried to start and knowing not to hold the start button down to long I found the engine, if I kept the button depressed and the throttle up half full it would act like it was trying to start, but when it was time to release start button it just died, I went to check to see if filters were full, the spin on and the racor glass separator, and all were fine and had diesel in,, went back up to try and start and it will not even pretend to start now ,, the other engine (port)runs perfect like this one did (starbd)


Im lost as what to do, previouly someone took the hand primer pump off and installed a dc pump on the wall(pime injector lines to get air out) (I should have not ever had air in, no reason) but it is a mix with all other valves, it has 6 tanks all able to transfer fuel one to another tank, altho I do not do that I keep fuel in the two forward only and do not mess with the valves and all the tanks, (none of them) flow fuel valves  are in proper positions.


anyone can help with ideas?

I will be trying to see how this DC pump can tell me if I have air in the line,

I will open last injector and see if pump will push anything out altho I have no idea what valves to use yet. and also there is not reason air should have gotten in the line


thank yoiu,, Tom