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Re: 3516 ECM and MPD issues

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The file currently installed in the ECMs is not the latest version. Also, the MPD software should be updated. Contact your local Cat dealer and have all ECMs and MPDs updated.

Re: 3516 ECM and MPD issues

Engine serial no. PAG00204

3516 ECM and MPD issues

We have 4 diesel generators 3516. The only difference between gensets is that No. 1 had different ECM flash file (3985117) vs 3245920 on remaining 3 gensets.
When fuel filter restriction press alarm appears DG1 MPD displays SPN393216 FMI 0 instead od alarm name as all remaining engines MPD’s.
Additionally the ECM with 3985117 flash file does not display on MPD if speed sensor is opened.
If we used a different ECM from another engine with 3245920 flash file all works correctly.
Installed brand new ECM, flashed with latest flash available in SIS (3985117) and again the alarms display as FMI code (SPN393216)
I believe We need the older flash file 3245920 to replace the latest flash believe is causing all mentioned issues
Any comments, suggestioms are much appreciated.