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In general your "service bank" probably should be using a deep cycle type of battery instead of a starting battery.


There are also a number of other factors that affect battery life, temperature being one of the biggest impacts. Also charging rates.


I would suggest you contact a battery expert in your area, he can look at your system and determine the best type and rating of battery for you application. The duty between starting and house service is different enough that a single type battery usually won't do both well.


Here's a link to some information you may find helpful,



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I have a Yacht with 2 x c-18 engines. The batteries for the engines are the same as the 16 batteries used for the service bank.

I'm presetnly using the 242-0825 General Service Line, Wet Batteries. The Batteries in the service bank are not lasting more the 15 months. Should I use another type of batteries? Are there any batteries that do fit better for the service bank?