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Re: C4.4

Здравствуй скажи пожалуйста ты нашел причину остановки двигателя AL8 shutdown
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c4.4 al8 shutdown error

I have c4.4 dita marine genset.. i m having al8 shutdown error again and again... can anyone please help me what to do..

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Re: C4.4

I assume you have the Deif multiline panel?


your setpoint for the oil is too low.

oil temperature alarm should be set at 116C and shutdown at 120C.

the alarm and shutdown you will find in the analog setup channel 4420.


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Hello everyone,

I am having 2 issues with my c4.4. First I completed my first 500 hour service and cannot find how to reset the service timer alarms 6121 and 6111. The next problem is an oil cooling issue. I had a warning then shut down recently but did not catch the oil temperature, only 1.5 minutes between alarms. It is a new ship and keel colled. I checked water pumps and thermostat and they are ok. I cannot find an issue with sensor either. The engine oil temp slowly creeps from 97C to 103C over a period of 12 hours, then if I load share with another generatoe for 5 minutes the system cools enoigh for another 12 hours. The thermostat was replaced, just to try, and revealed a layer if light brown on the cooling water system. Is this an issue of dirty cooling water or something I am missing?

Thank you