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Re: Catterpillar 3412E

The problem your describing is normal for the Heui engines after installing new fuel injector.

the orrifice holes in the injector tips need to wear out by the fuel injecting.

this process takes about 500-1000 hours. then your engine will recover the now lost power.

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Re: Catterpillar 3412E

Injectors are correct for your engine. I'd make sure the compensation valve is adjusted properly. as per REHS0282.
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Re: Catterpillar 3412E

Hi Dave.
I took pictures og the installed injector. All of the injector doesn't have the same number, some are reman and some not, so maybe it would be better to email the picrures.
Some Injector have no 174-7526-04
Some injector have no 20R0758 (reman)
Engine serial no 9PW02841
ECM serial no 2314G022MP
(ECM 212-618805)
(Software 244-102900)
Danish version.
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Re: Catterpillar 3412E

Post engine serial number, software part number and part number of the injectors that were installed. A complete parts list of all part numbers installed at overhaul would be best.
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Catterpillar 3412E

I have a Catterpillar 3412E on 503 hp, for marine.
The engine is newly overhauled.
I am not 100% satisfied with the result, compared to when it was new.
The boost pressure is not as high(80kpa) as it should be in full power. When it was new the boost pressure was 92kpa.
Also the engine, at 1.800rpm, cant take the same pitch as when new. When the pitch is at 100%, the engine cannot get more than 1.680rpm.
When it was new it could maintain 1.800rpm with 100% pitch.
Also I can see a different in fuel rate. When it was new, fuel rate when idling was 3,2 l/h.
Now, newly overhauled, the fuel rate is 6,1 l/h when idling.
Mainly, at all engine speed/load range, from 700rpm-1.800rpm, the fuel rate is about 4-7 l/h higer than before.
Normaly at full speed the HEUI pump pressure is 200bar.
Example: at 1.600rpm and the pitch 85%, the boost pressure is 58kpa and fuel rate 80 l/h. IF I lower the HEUI pump pressure(with computer) from 200bar to 145bar, then the boost pressure will increase from 58kpa to 70kpa, and the fuel rate decrease from 80 l/h to 75 l/h.
Is there an explanation for this?. I thought that high HEUI pump pressure at 200 bar should give better fuel rate and higher boost pressure, but in this case.
Can you help me with this problem, or guide me to the best Cat support, so I can fix this problem?
Or is it possible it can be a ECM problem? (Ignition/timing)