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pls specify the application of your Engine like Crane,Compressor,Marine Propulsion,Equipment or Generators.This Engine was used for plenty of applications. The basic engine is same. The Flywheel ,Aftercooler and starting system will changes and depends on application. The governor will change according to Speed.


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Re: D343 62B Comparison

I wouldn't worry   they were very similar regarding installation and performance.  It will work with a little reconfiguring.


Re: D343 62B Comparison

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Based on our research and experience. the two have no difference at all.. moreover it almost the same.


D343 62B Comparison

Hi Everyone i am new to this forum and im looking for some of your experience and information.


I have a D343 Serial number 62B11053 this engine has had a major failure and is no longer repairable.


I am currently looking at second hand units to replace this engine and have been offered a D343 with serial number 62B7536.


Is there anyway i can do a comparison on these units to see if there are any major differences with the two core engines


Many thanks for your help.