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Re: D343 CAT marine engine

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We utilized our 343's hard ruuning all day, every day for 20-30 days on end, We would pull the heads each year and see that the chambers were as yet flawless and returned the heads on quite a long time. Complete a drag extension and drop two or three essay champ orientation first off that should reveal to you what you have to Know. I like my 8v92 TI enginges yet they are no counterpart for those felines We run a 300 foot pontoon in Alaska and it has a 353 e-generator, has never neglected to begin.

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Re: D343 CAT marine engine

Hi Mikel,


the HP for D343 (TA)  is 460 (MAX @2000rpm), 415 (intermettent@2000rpm), 325 (continous @1800 rpm)

but if you could calculate based on the max. condition that would be great, specially the total heat rejection (radiation) to the atmosphere is the most important one.


Thank you!

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Re: D343 CAT marine engine

I don't have an old Marine Green Book anymore, but if you provide the horsepower rating, we can use the rules of thumb from the CAT Marine Analyst Handbook.



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D343 CAT marine engine

Hi, I need some technical information for engine room ventilation calculation for D343 CAT engine (turbocharged, after cooled):

-Total combustion air required

- The engine heat rejection to the atmosphere

- the engine heat rejection to the engine room due to oil/ after cooler , etc.


If you have some technical data I'd appreciate it if you could help me in  this  way.

Thank you in advance.