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Re: Help identifying D13000 engine history

I have a cat D13,000
my research shows that it was built in 1940
Mine is for sale if you happen to know anybody interested. I am also selling the Saw mill with it
the pony motor has a new magneto and it cranks up beautifully when the diesel kicks in it smooth as butter
Here's a YouTube link:

You can contact me through
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Help identifying D13000 engine history

I have a Cat D13000 diesel power plant in an almost 100 year old boat.  The boat was repowered in the 1940s with this engine that was surplused out of the US Navy after WW I I.  I'm trying to find the year of manufacture, date of original sale and confirm the original customer.


Embossed on right side of the Block is:


Reg US.          Pat Off.

           5 3/4 Bore



  (or possibly 1FB528)


I'm trying to confirm if and when it was sold to the Navy, and then try to determine what ship it was installed on, and when it was decommissioned.


if anyone knows where I may go to find this information, it would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.