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Hey Patrick..

I join CAT marine analyst course in Norway some years back.. and we use a PROGRAM to put data in...

Data neaded.. And you will get the lengd for pipe out.. 

Kw heat from engine 

Kw heat from gearbox

steel or copper pipe - Materials thikness

Max sea water temp

Flow rate from pump

Vessel speed

Paint thikness outside pipe

Min > max temp


We have to install one C18 in July.. rated 500 HP @ 1800 rpm

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Re: Keel cooling

you will require a lot of formulas.

the cat certified marine analist hand book has the formulas.


what is your enigne going to be and the power output?

but you need details as engine cooling water heat rejection data but you only know this after you select the engine.

then you have to consider auxillary equipment also inline with this system.


and most important the vessels area of operation.


Keel cooling

Is there someone there can help me with a program to calculate keel cooling size // Link ??


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