Re: MPD upgrade from b&w to color?

Thanks, I read the manual and I think you're right.  The only thing color will do is alter the backgrounds and borders around elements.  Not react different based on alerts.  THAT would be handy, to be able to set thresholds and have a gauge change to an alert color to draw attention. 

But I understand that there's limits on what an embedded processing device like this can provide.  Still, it'd sure be a nice feature to add...

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Re: MPD upgrade from b&w to color?

The CMPD has two J1939 inputs and therefore you can have one CMPD for two engines.

No other cables or black boxes involved apart from the J1939 and battery connections etc

I dont believe you can change the colour to depict out of range scale.

Dimensions are as you have stated and i cant confirm if cut out is the same.





MPD upgrade from b&w to color?

How readily can a black and white MPD be swapped for a color unit?  I've got four monitoring two C-12 engines (two up, two down at helm stations).  I don't really need all four to be the same, especially since the color units can now monitor two engines, correct?  I believe they're J1939.  From what I've read, it seems the main difference is the color units are slightly taller?  (229 x 148 x 48 mm vs 229 x 157 x 79 mm).  Does the panel cut-out also change?  From what I'm seeing in some docs they're both going to use the same 205mm x 124mm cut-out?



Is it relatively plug-and-play, or am I swapping out other black boxes or interface cables?


Do the color units have a way to use color to highlight excess conditions?  As in, make a dial gauge red if temp goes above a set value.  Or is it limited to just simple outline and background color changes? 

The way the current MPDs are mounted in the lower helm puts them just enough out of my line of sight to make them a little tricky to see under some lighting situations.  I'm thinking the color units might make it a little easier to scan them for status.