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Re: Marine Power Display

Usually, MPDs have to be configured with what display options you desire.  Yes, a CAT tech can do this for you.  However, it may be entirely possible that your Part Number/year may not have that option.  I would consult with the CAT techs your using, pretty sure they should be able to fix it for you.

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Marine Power Display

I have twin CAT 3216B enignes and CAT Marine Power Displays. The spec sheet on CAT's website for the marine power displays states that these dispalys can show the engine total of the fuel burned and trip total of the fuel burned for each engine. This is not shown on my dispaly units and I would like to find out how to get this information on my marine power displays. My engines were installed new in 2002. Possibly this was not an option on these displays at that time. If so what would I need to purchase (software upgrade, etc) to have my displays show this information. When my tech hooks up his computer to the engine the reports from the engine do show the total fuel burned, so my engine is keeping track of this info and I would just like to be able to access this information on my display. Also, do any of you CAT users have this information shown on your displays? It seems like a much better way to monitor fuel. In case it is important the serial numbers of my engines are 3GS00639 and 641. Thanks.