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Re: Very low hours on 3208

Find a an Authorized CAT dealer and have them peform a CAMPAR test on the engines and transmissions.  This is a comprehensive exam that only a CAT dealer can perform with their CAMPAR certified technicians.  You will get a performance analysis of each major group with the pros and cons and an overall status of the boat performance as well.  This test takes a good day to set and test and run the boat,etc.  But its the best way to get the data you after to make an informed decision.  


Low hours are not the best indication of service life, etc of an engine.  Storage, fuel consumption, maintenance records, fluid samples, etc.. are all places to inquire about as well.  


Find your dealer and get the CAMPAR.  


Now to address your other concern of the vintage of the engines- yes, newer CAT engines are all electronic and the performance and HP ratings are quite high.  Parts availability for 3208s should be fine, yet the newer technology will outperform the older in emissions, HP, fuel consumption and overall utility for future needs and customizations.  The mechanical engines are solid and simple, which made them great and still make them easy to work on and accepted by most mechanics.  Newer electronic engines required specialized techs, proprietary softwares and tools that not all service providers have unless they are authorized by CAT.  Compare and contrast and go from there, happy hunting!





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Very low hours on 3208

I am looking to purchase a Defever 49 fitted with twin Cat3208 210hp.  These engines have less than 600hrs on them and are a 83 vintage.  I am new to diesel inboards so please bare with me.  Does the low hours mean they are good to go, or should I look at pulling them and having them rebuilt/recond?  O rwould I be better off replacing them with a new pair of cats?  Taking into acccount parts, fuel economy and the age.  From what I have been able to find out they have been serviced each year.  I suppose the next area of concern is the reliabilty of the gear boxes, but at this stage I do not know what type they are.


Thanks in advance.