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Re: c9 running rough

you might have 1 or 2 failing fuel injectors.

i dont know if your Heui pump has ever been modified.


Re: c9 running rough

C9  marine engines are acert engines only way u can know ifan Injector is become weak is to know the fuel duration and compare it with the other injectors and that is only possible with with a cat program ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN AND AN ADAPTOR But u can check by opening the vave cover n checking the harness conecters of all injector to see if on is loose  it can have a o ring in the feul section of the injector is weak other wise to do solenoid test u requier a E.T. TO hear the click of the solenoid to know which is weak checkthe  feul transfer pump as feul becomes thin when it reaches that temp 

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c9 running rough

ive got a c9 2006 in freightliner all of a suden started running like it has a miss in 1 cyl.and below 170 degrees very low power with a miss after reaching 170 seems to run better.