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Re: error code, C7

how was the probleme solved any insight

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Re: error code, C7

The CMPD only has one input for Keyswich (Ignition).  If the installer had used the CAT cables then a Y-harness would have been used to connect the PORT and STBD networks.  This Y-harness contains diodes that isolates the power and keyswitch circuits.  Connecting the PORT and STBD keyswitch circuits together is not a good idea. 


As for the alarm you are receiving. it is normal if only one engine has power.  If you apply keyswitch power to both engine before the CMPD has competly power on, you will never see this alarm.

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Re: error code, C7

ok, here is what i found out.  the single color MPD receives power from the starboard engine ignition swithc.  (power is run from breaker for ignition switch, to the switch, then to the MPD.  There is no power wire run from the port ignition switch, so unit only powers up if starboard ignition switch is on.  If i trun on the starbord ignition switch BEFORE the port switch, I get the alarm code.  If I turn on the starboard switch AFTER the port, no alarm.


Should I run a power wire from the port ignition switch to the single MPD, so I have power to MPD from both engines????  Cat tech said no, but it makes sense to me.  The old engines didnt use MPD's. 


Please advise.  Thanks!!

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error code, C7

I recently repowered my 2003 35 Cabo with new 2013 C7's. I opted for the single COLOR MPD vs. the dual displays.

The CAT tech wired the power to the MPD from the starboard engine. Therefore, the starboard engine ignition switch must be "on" for the MPD to come on. If I start the port engine first, the MPD will not be on.

I am getting fault codes:

Source: 243 Portr Wing Station MPD
SPN: 608 J1708 network #1
fmi: Erratic, intermittent, or incorrect

I am wondering if I need to run power from BOTH ignition switches to the single MPD. I dont know if this is causing the error code, but it seems when I start the port engine first (no MPD power), I get the alarm.  Could something else be causing the fault??

Any suggestions? The CAT tech assured me that I only run one power source to the MPD. Sure would be nice to have the display even with starboard engine switch off.