Re: 3208 TA 435 overheat

I am having the same issue right now on the same engines on a 1991 Princess.  I had the after coolers cleaned out last year and was doing better. But this year I am back with climbing temps.  I am going to pull the trans coolers next and flush them out to see.  I am still trying to find out is the temp gauge reading from the closed loop side of the cooling system or the open loop side.  I need to dive into it a little more but have been busy. Hoping next week to get in the engine room and see what happens.

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3208 TA 435 overheat

Hi all,

I have a 45' Caribbean (Bertram) with 2 x 3208 TA's 435 hp engines - serials 01Z33399 and 01Z33400. When I bought the boat about 18 months ago the Port engine ran about 206 degrees and the Starboard on around 210 at 2200 rpm. When I increased the revs, the temps gradually increased.

Since then I have been given all kinds of conflicting info on what is the right temp; including conflicting info fro 2 fitters at our local Cat dealer Westrac. Some say 210 is too high and some say it's ok. The thermostats are 190 degree openers.

I have pulled off all raw water coolers, heat exchange, aftercooler and transmission coolers and had them cleaned out. I have relaced all hoses and put in brand new raw water pumps. I have taken off the shower heads and cleaned them. All of the cooling components had some scaling but not much. No change to temperatures, so I relaced the gauges and sender units - no change.

I checked the temp alongside the senders and came back with a reading of 197 degrees for both engines. I plugged in a mechanical Murphy gauge into the sender hole and that came in at 200 degrees - all at 2200 rpm.


I'm getting a little cheesed off - does anyone know what the temp should be and if too high, what else might be the issue. The engines have done around 760 hrs.