Re: 3208 ta 435hp overheating

Dave, is the temp gauge on the dash getting its reading from the closed loop side or the open loop side of the cooling system on the 3208TA 

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Re: 3208 ta 435hp overheating

200 degrees is NOT too hot. Normal temp under way is 195-210. I'd guess the gauge is incorrect. Replace the temperature sending unit and check the water pump belts. The water pump is easily removed and inexpensive to replace with reman.
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3208 ta 435hp overheating

3208 ta 3000 hours 10 years old. guage shows 200 degrees under load but does not cool down when ideling. I see no  flow in pressure tank with cap off. replaced temp guage but not sending unit. replaced thermosts. salt water side all good rebuilt pump, heat exchanger after cooler and transmission cooler clean as is exhaust. can the fresh water pump go bad? the engine does not overflow from tank cap and heat temp gun showes 175 on the manifods. guage only drops after engine shut down with key on. any ideas. thanks bill