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Re: 3512B 4TN00137 Injection Disabled

I have seen some models and flashfiles have injection disabled but not tell you what the problem is in ET.
Some dozens have a 3 pin connector that you flip end for engine to disable injection. This is found on the main engine harness sometimes.
Some remote shutdowns also will not tell you in ET. They are usually NC (Normally Closed) circuits. If you say there is no remote shutdown in your system the harness may need to have a bypass added.

Finding the remote shutdown pin on the Schematic either at the ECM or the customer connector plug then wiring it to ground should work.

You also mentioned the ship side of the wiring disabling the injection which could be a shutdown somewhere or a bypass missing.

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Re: 3512B 4TN00137 Injection Disabled

If you have Cat ET, go to the status screen and check for any shutdown that shows the status as "active" or "on".

Re: 3512B 4TN00137 Injection Disabled

Re checking timing sensors now, and don't think it has a remote shut down in the circuit.
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Re: 3512B 4TN00137 Injection Disabled

Is remote shutdown active? Are you certain the speed timing sensors are connected correctly?

3512B 4TN00137 Injection Disabled

Hi all,

I have a main 3512B that will crank but not fire.

Plug in ET to read there are no active faults, but I have a constant status with "injection disabled" present.

I am all out of ideas we are stuck at the port in Mauritius and need to be sailing by tomorrow!

Work we carried out was top end overhaul.

Cylinder heads replaced injectors replace and valve and injector timing adjustment carried out.

We have cranking RPM and both speed timing sensors check out good and register.

The only concern I have is the ships systems that could possibly be intergrated into the CAT programable interface.

On the CAT systems the engine reads good to start no codes, but something on the ships side may be "disabling injection"