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Re: 3516 with KaMeWa -load control failure

Hi MikeL.

Thanks for an input. I was in touch with KaMeWa and they insisted on CAT ECM fail signal.
I manage to trace signal failure from a prop shaft rpm pick up. Impulse band lost one metal dice and damage proxy sensor. So it was a CPP . I believe you not necessarily trust a support from the maker.
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Re: 3516 with KaMeWa -load control failure

I've only worked with a couple of these systems and its been quite some time ago.


As I remember "Load Control Failure" was the result of the Kawema system asking for a change in load (speed settings) and not seeing an appropriate response.  I think you probably need to verify with Kamewa what exactly drives that fault.


I'm assuming you have a 3516B or C model, but they have done a number of different interface systems, from simple digital to J1939 over the years. So you'd need to provide more details about your units to get a more specific answer.



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3516 with KaMeWa -load control failure


Did anyone experienced a Load control Failure alarm on KaMeWa/Rolls Royce

KaMeWa/Rolls Royce  says its a signal originated from CAT ECM  and it's reducing pitch to prevent overload. Which is fine. But, we never use more than 50-55 % load for cruising. So where is this signal from? 

CAT monitoring system has no indication of any alarm or malfunction. All parameters are normal. 

Should I blame KaMeWa/Rolls Royce or Cat ECM?

Need to mention a month ago we had a problem with feedback encoder for CPP KaMeWa/Rolls Royce. I wasnt here and I can only say it was recalibrated. But we didnt do much cruising since that time, just started 4 days ago still 2 to go.