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Re: Alarm code on 3516

typical sensor fault on the B series, make sure the connector side of the sensor is facing up so oil cannot fill up the sensor.

secondly if you have a series 2 engine, make sure that you use sensors with a cable(304-5666).

the short sensors without a cable are notorious for faults.

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Re: Alarm code on 3516

remove crank case breather and try , if alarm gone then replace them and clean crank case breath pipe line from oil , and check for any blocking in line and open deck strainer


Re: Alarm code on 3516

fmi mean failure mode identification

just clean engine breather and lines 

if still alarm replace the sensore crenkcase



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Alarm code on 3516

On my tug we had an alarm that wasn't explained in our manuals. The code on the screen read source 0, SPN 101, engine crankcase pressure, FMI 15,high-least severe(1)  My question is what is the SPN prefix and what is the FMI 15 ? We consulted our port engineer and shut down the engine and did a restart to re-boot the computer. The code went away. While the engine was running with the code,I pulled the dipstick to check for abnormal pressure and found none. The engines are new with 1220 hrs on them. Any explanation and or help would be much appreciated