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Cat 289D burning oil

We recently purchased a 2014 289D with 1100 hours on it. The machine was bought from a trusted consignment auction site unseen and we found a number of issues with it upon arrival. The worst was the hyd. oil cooler had been damaged so bad it was leaking oil so they bypassed it with a new hose. We replaced the oil cooler/radiator before even using it one time so we don't know how it acted before when it got warm. When replacing the radiator the guy doing it forgot to take a plug out of the new radiator. Since replacing the radiator we used it lightly inside a building for a day and a half and didn't notice anything abnormal about it. The very first time we used it hard it shut down on us and we noticed the engine was very hot. We took the hoses back off and found the forgotten plug. Since then it seems to be burning engine oil. It smokes bad most of the time but not always. The engine oil does go down on the dipstick. I might also add the LCD screen is not working and we couldn't watch the temp on the gauge or see any error codes when it overheated. Could this possibly be from overheating or is it more likely something the previous owners did to it?