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Re: Cat 3516 1920kW Fuel System

Each 3516 flows around 300 GPH so I think you are correct that the fuel supply is inadequate.
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Cat 3516 1920kW Fuel System

Hi all,


im working on a ship out in nigeria installing some monitoring equipment on the fuel system. The vessel keeps blacking out when they start main engines. i have had alook at the manifold, im no hydraulics engineer, but this screams problem to me.


What size fuel line should be feeding 2x CAT 3516 Main propulsion engine.


there are 2x 1/2" lines feeding a manifold that has 2x 1" lines 1 for each main engine, and 2x 1/2" lines 1 for each genet (cummins kta16). to me the supply lines into the manifold are not adequate. can anyone confirm this?