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Re: Generator over voltage

Hi I have the same issue.

Model DE11E3S Serail GB902311 13kva.

Installed on 05/23/2018. 




This is the screen with the error. It has been happening since about a few weeks after install. Now it has happens on every weekly test run. 


The local Caterpillar guys have come twice to see it. Now they say that is the house breaker box that has an issue.

A certified electrician has verified the breaker box with no issues. 


i think the person they are sending does not have the required expertise to diagnose.



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Re: Generator over voltage

Any external device biasing the AVR?
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Re: Generator over voltage

How about some more details, like,


Model, size, and serial number of unit.


Type of regulator.


How old is unit and when did problem start?


Have you read the manual troubleshooting section?


Better info will get you better answers.



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Re: Generator over voltage

Change the a.v.r
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Generator over voltage

I have over voltage on my generator, we have replaced voltage regulator and checked engine rpm,both are okey still problem is same.

Kindly awaiting your experience