Re: Bad fuel injector pump

Hi eve day I bought a Cat 420 D on auction,(always wanted a Cat ) when I started it at the lot it sounded like a bad injector or a bad valve. I ran it for a while.when I started looking for the problem I sow a loose wire under the fuel pump . I hope that was the problem,it sounds better but I don’t know why that wire ,was loose would like to know the function of that cylinod call me at 830-734-2944 Raul thanks
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Re: Bad fuel injector pump

This is none of my business, I am a retired Caterpillar mechanic who specialized in reconditioning Caterpillar fuel injection pumps and related equipment. About the only thing I can contribute to this problem you are having is to say that one of the problems having remanufactured or new components installed without having an understanding of why the original part failed leads to problems like yours.

I can understand that you are cranky with your Cat dealer but if it was me I would insist that the dealer thoroughly explain why the injection pump failed and maybe let them help you fix the reason for the failure. Fuel injection pumps are very rugged components.

It may turn out that the cause of the failure may be putting some of your other equipment at risk, no matter the make of it. In my experience, it isn't good business for a dealer to leave a customer high and dry.

For what it is worth.


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Bad fuel injector pump

I bought a 416d skip loader from the Lubbock Cat dealer 3 years ago. I had the dealer put a remanufactured injector pump on it 2 years ago and it cost over $3,500. Now that pump has gone out and I was just informed the new one they put on is no good. I am upset and plan to sell this tractor and my other Cat equipment. I will be very negative on all my forums about my displeasure with Cat equipment.