G3520 Replaced defect ITSM Controle group 176-1286



To who have awnser on next:


10kV gen set G3520  GZH00153 


Replaced (ECM) ITSM part nr 176-1286 with new part.


Copy Configuration from old ITSM.

Found the originaal Flash file  2755389.


Flash the new ITSM.

Copie the old config to the new ITSM


Stand still of the engine all cyl exh temp equal.

Start engine run idle all  cyl exh temp AVG 380 dgr C first minuts.

Rated speed within short time all  cyl exh temp go in fault abnormal range !

Reduce rated speed to idle after 10 a 15 minuts most of the Cyl temp come belowe 400 dgr C.


Is ther some one who can tel me what to do to solve this problem.

Is there an differnt flash file for it to solve.



Grt HJB 

Henry Brand