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Re: auto maskin DCU 305 R3 control panel

yes you sure can,


but the enigne needs to have a couple of 4-20mA sensors eg Danfoss.

for eg oil pressure, water temperature etc.

and a pickup signal for the engine speed.


the 305r3 uses a rs232 port if im correct to the remote panel.

otherwise you could install a R210 this uses a Cat5 internet cable to communicate between diffent panels.


auto maskin DCU 305 R3 control panel

Just wondering if I could get a auto maskin DCU 305 R3 engine control panel hooked up to my 3406b, serial # 4TB02140. I would like to be able to have it wired in the engine room so all the sensor wiring is connected there and have the single cable going through to the wheelhouse for the master panel.