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oil/fuel in my ECModule

 A tech had pointed this out a couple of years ago. The tractor has always had a number of electrical gremblins,  streaches with few or no  error messages  in the field and then some day with numerous message,  most of which don't keep it out of the field. The worse is where it's under normal load and moving forward, kicks to nuetral, and then starts backing up all by it's self with no input from the operator.  Yikesssss!!!!


 The following pic is when I take apart the forward most plug-in on the main module/ECU, maybe as much as a teaspoon  of thickened and discolored fuel in the connection. I've gotten in the habit of draining it twice a year because it does seem to help with the error messages.  there must be a pinhole leak some where around the ECU as it it fuel cooled? or am i on the wrong path to fixing this thing.   thxIMG_5603[2576].JPG