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Re: 16 CM Valve Spring Failure

I am not experienced on this engine line but it sounds like that there is a dimensional problem since you only are having this issue with one engine.  I would thoroughly check the dimensions in the rocker arm area.  Make sure that all of the dimensions meet specs and do not cause the valve springs to bottom out during operation.  That is what this sounds like.  After valve springs bottom out long enough, stress risers are created and can cause the spring to break.  I don't know if other customers have experienced this issue.  I would ask the dealer if this is a wide spread issue or just your engine.

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16 CM Valve Spring Failure

Hi, we are seeing a rash of spring failures (crack/break) on one engine after the entire set was replaced. We found six at 28K, Cat replaced the entire set, and 4100 hours later found 10 during the 9K PM.

We have only had problems with this particular engine. Facility has two and we have others doing OK.