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Re: 3406 stalls under load

Did you resolve the loading issue with this G3406?  If not, what is the serial number so that we can determine how the engine is built.  I may be able to furnish additional information to you to resolve the issue, if you haven't fixed the engine yet?


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Re: 3406 stalls under load

Sounds like a problem with the balance line from the compressor side of turbo to the regulator or the regulator itself. Check for a restriction/leak in the balance line, damaged regulator diaphragm or leaking/missing regulater adjusting screw cap.
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3406 stalls under load

have a new, 6 months old, 3406 Natural Gas engine that stalls under load. (located in Vietnam)

runs OK @1800RPM without load of a gas compressor.


Cat technicians already replaced ALL Spark-plugs and 2 coil-packs

swapped carburator from another engine, still same thing.....

They checked gas pressure and is withing specs, gas differential pressure @ 1.5kPa. 

increased the RPM to 1860.

checked cylinder compression, produced 1585kPa.


When load goes up the engine stalls. to us it seems we having a timing/firing issue. (wire break or lose wire or short in wire-harness.)


Please need some help