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Re: 3606 LE A3 differences from 3606 LE A4 Engine

The G3600 A4 brings to the market a gas engine that will be able to use hotter fuel and have a higher altitude rating.  Here are some other features of the G3600 A4:

1. New compression ratio, two stage aftercooling, along with a new camshaft profile resulting in a more complete combustion process, with lower NOx and higher ratings

2. Rated at 0.5 g NOx as standard; a rating of 0.3 g NOx is available

3. Incorporates a NOx sensor into the air/fuel ratio management

4.New turbo matches for better performance

5. Single engine exhaust connection for easier packaging

6. Separate air inlet connections to the turbos

7. New fuel control valves for more precise speed control

8. Still uses air inlet control for controlling the air/fuel ratio of the engine combustion, same as A3

9. Engine footprint and mounting same as A3

10.Flywheel same as A3 so coupling mounting dimensions are the same; increased horsepower requires reviewing coupling capacity

11. Temperature regulators (engine jacket water and auxiliary cooling systems) are now mounted on the engine for easier packaging

12. Designated connections for gas compressor oil cooler are a part of the engine auxiliary cooling system piping

13. New hard metal designed dry manifold covers for better coverage of the dry exhaust manifolds

14. Most of the remainder of the engine construction is like the A3; cylinder heads, prechambers, combustion sensor, engine mounting feet,

      camshaft covers, crankcase covers,


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3606 LE A3 differences from 3606 LE A4 Engine

We work with the Gas Compression industry and have been asked to provide details between the A3 and A4 engines on the 3606 Le, 3608 LE and the 36169 LE models and cannot locate any details on the technical documents, can you please provide the differences in the A3 to A4 Engines.