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Re: 3616 rpm swinging

Generally, it sounds like the governor settings need to be adjusted.  For starters, I would suggest that you set the gain and compensation at 45 and the stability at 40.  That would be a good starting place for a G3600 A3.  Then if the engine doesn't pick up the load easily, then you might take the stability to 45 or 50.  You might have to raise the gain to 50.


Another item to check is to make sure that your gas supply pressure is stable within +/- .25 psi.  If the fuel pressure to the engine is not stable, then the engine will be unstable and the rpm will swing.


If this doesn't solve the problem, then you need to go back to square one and perform a correct PC CAL tune on the engine, making sure the spark plug, combustion sensor, valve lash settings including GAV, check valve are all in good condition. 


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3616 rpm swinging

we have a 3616 cat engine that when we increase or decrease the rpm it goes in to a swing. unit dose it at all time loaded and unloaded. goes

down on cylinder 8 det. and low or high engine rpm. holt cat has been out here and is trying to help us with this issue. but no luck. any suggentes