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Re: CAT 3406 Turbo Charged Gas Engine RPM Sinking Problem

I started with carbohydrates, cleaned the water tank, replaced the plugs and wires, cleaned and lubricate the chain, lubricate the control cable, and check that the brakes started. Do not use cheap lubricants. Good luck is a very harm full site is different choices another project is to compear at pay for assignments  through a great bike

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Re: CAT 3406 Turbo Charged Gas Engine RPM Sinking Problem

Need to know the engine serial number and a copy of the fuel analysis. 

What kind of governor does the engine have? 

What do you have the ignition timing set to? 

How much load does the engine have? 

What is the inlet air temperature? 

When the engine shutsdown, what is the cause?  Does the load lug it down?  Does the fuel shut off?  Does the ignition shut off?

Some more info will help point you in the right direction.  Thanks.

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CAT 3406 Turbo Charged Gas Engine RPM Sinking Problem

Dear All,

Good Day! 

We have at our facility two turbocharged CAT G3406 engines (325 HP, 1800 RPM) that are used to drive Quintex Single Acting Plunger Pumps having flowrate 316 GPM. We are facing alot of issues regarding RPM sinking / hunting in the engine causing frequent trippings.

Can anyone share the recommended troubleshooting procedure for tackling this problem. I personally suspect there is something wrong in the fuel cirucit like fuel pressure or wrong AFR as the avg exhaust temp in one engine is 1070 F from last one week while in the 2nd engine its around 990 F. The fuel is mostly field gas having high conc. of methane.