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Fuel Analysis using GERP vs METHV404.exe

I'm Puji Nugroho. I'm mechanical engineer and work with VICO Indonesia, an oil & Gas company in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We operate more than 50 units of Gas Engine Caterpillar G-3306 series (TA & NA) for well head compressor driver application.

All units are fueled with landfill gas from gas well. We always conducts fuel gas analysis prior to operation at gas well.
We know 2 software for analyzing these fuel gas properties:
- Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP) ==> Caterpillar software for engine rating & fuel analysis
- METHV404.exe ==> old software (still DOS based) which is specialized for gas fuel analysis

Based on my experiences, I got different Methane number result if using METHV404. But my calculation using this software seems make sense.

For example:
for given gas properties
C1    = 68.653%

C2    = 8.785%

C3    = 5.668%

iC4   = 1.113%

nC4  = 1.727%

iC5   = 0.754%

nC5  = 0.608%

C6+  = 5.106%

CO2 = 7.525%

N2    = 0.061%
I got methane number 32 by using METHV404.exe, but I got 0 by using GERP.

Is there anyone here using METHV404.exe? Which one of those software is more accurate?

Thank you in advance for any help...