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Re: Gas Engine CAT G3306 Preservation in the tropical climate areas

Cat has published Special Instructions REHS3828 with information regarding storage of engine products.  This information cat be modified to some extent depending on the specific conditions but these general guidelines with recommended products to ward of corrosion and rust, especially in humid climates will offer a lot of protection when the engine product is idle and out of service for a period of time.  It is difficult to prevent 100 % of corrosion, etc. but these Cat instructions are purposeful and useful for the customer to follow.


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Gas Engine CAT G3306 Preservation in the tropical climate areas

I'm Puji Nugroho. I'm mechanical engineer and work with VICO Indonesia, an oil & Gas company in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We operate more than 50 units of Gas Engine Caterpillar G-3306 series (TA & NA) for well head compressor driver application. Our engine are located outdoor with roof for rain protection. East Kalimantan is a tropical areas. The ambient temperature is about 80-90 degF with 70% humidity and maximum precipitation/rainfall 400 mm.

Due to operational reason, some engines has to be standby for long period more than 6 months. We have isolated the power source & fuel source from the engine and the engine are still remain on its skid.

How is the procedure for engine preservation under this circumstances to avoid external & internal corrosion?