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Way to go, Sal.  I like your perserverance!  Glad you got it fixed.


Best Regards,

Al Hunt



Hi Al, it's Sal DeMarco, I wanted to touch base with you about the ignition issue I was having with the 3612. I continued to troubleshoot today and found the signal wires in the terminal connection box for the right bank had a loose jumper. The reason it was so hard to find was because the terminals are mounted on a piece of din rail that is spot welded to the inside of the box. The jumpers for the signal wires are behind the terminal strip and cannot be seen from the front. I actually had to break the spot welds on the din rail and then was able to turn the terminal strip and see the jumpers. The jumpers for the positive and negative wires are visible from the front of the terminal strip. I pushed the jumpers back in and tightened the screws. All of the ignition faults are clear.
I rescued the terminal strip to the inside of the box with 3M double sided tape.
Thanks again for your help!!?