Re: Lost power on the Cat Panel (Instrument)


The Cat ECM is normally connected directly to Battery (-), and not grounded.  On an ADEM III ECM, pins 61,63,65, and 69 should all be connected directly to battery (-) via minimum #14 AWG wire.  Do you have access to the electrical A&I guidelines?   Here is a link:

Daniel J. Schartman, P.E.
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Lost power on the Cat Panel (Instrument)

Hi ,

This is my first time here and sorry about my english.I am operating a Ariel Booster (JG-4) with a 3412E engine. This unit as a Murphy panel ,who bring power to the Cat Panel. Inside the Murphy this is where the fuse box is ,the top fuse the one who bring powe to the Cat panel burn all  the time and I cant run the engine.


My question : If I have a grounded gauge ,switch, do I will burned the fuse all the time? And somebody told me maybe this is the ECM do I wll burned the fuse all the time if the ECM is gounded?



Thanks in advance