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Market size due to low oil price

Dear Community,


I do research about the actual market for Diesel engines for Gas compression. Especially for engines in the power range of 200-350 HP (150-250 kW).

What kind of products from Caterpillar would fit that range?

What we found out from a study is, that there is a market of about 5,200 Diesel engines for Air & Gas compressors worldwide and about 1,700 in the US. But only about 100 of those are for Gas Compression.

Others say, that there is a worldwide market of about 4,000 engines, but only 10% of that are Diesel engine powered.

What do you think about those numbers?

Where would be the main applications of that power range?

What are the prices of engines in that range?


Thanks a lot for your response. I appreciate the expert opinion on that topic.

With best regards

Mario Eibl