Re: 140H Transmission Failure

As Far as I can understand there was a service letter about that,and there are 2 item final drive in the diffreential housing,there are 12 item washer of final drive, if washer was broken down you can see in the strainer.eventually The cat provide to service letter The washer was changed as new improved .

I hope these information help u!

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140H Transmission Failure

i'm the mechanic for a small construction company we have 3 140s one 2zk with almost 8000hrs and 2 cca with under 4000hrs on the cca's. the 2zk doesn't have trans issues, both cca's are beginning to have trans issues the SOSs show iron and friction material. i have found the source in one of them the 1st speed and low forward clutch have failed causing the loss of 1st forward 5th forward 1st reverse and 4th reverse. although low forward does not lock for these gears? there was no signs of pressure loss in these clutches when test were taken before dissassembly. during dissassembly i noticed that the bores for the seal carriers are not finished, they appear to be about a 40 grit finish the seals have what appears to be a very large end gap. the pump is good no signs of pumping trash that would cause damage to the bores. oil was clean except for what it takes SOS to find


My question is, Is there a service letter on the case?

The part number has changed on the case and there are atleast 2 avalible in the warehouse. To me this says there is an issue with the case.

Does anyone have a spec on the seal carrier bore or anyother ideas